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Making a positive difference to everyday living

Welcome to the Silicone Centre

High Definition Silicone Prosthetic Clinic

We can’t begin to understand the psychological effect of losing a limb, but what we do understand is why many affected individuals want to recreate their external appearance in as much detail as possible. We are totally passionate about every life like silicone cosmesis we create, our high definition silicone Prosthesis and Orthotics not only make a positive difference to everyday living but it can help to rebuild confidence.

Experts in Silicone Prosthetics and Orthotics

All our silicone covers are manufactured in-house at our clinic in the UK. Our highly skilled technicians produce custom-made physically shaped covers from high definition silicone based on the sound limb. Every High definition silicone cover is one of a kind and can feature a number of benefits, our unique skin match system assures a close match to the skin tone using an infinite number of colours. A life like finish can be achieved through the enhancement of the finer details such as freckles, veins, moles, skin pigmentation, surface hair and even acrylic nails compatible for nail polish, resulting in a natural appearance. Our silicone experts will do everything they can to take care of all your individual requirements.

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High Definition Silicone experts

Why are people choosing The Silicone Centre


We offer a choice of finishes to suit every budget.


100 plus different skin colours to select from.


All our silicone covers are hand sculpted and include details such as natural creases, veins, moles, freckles and split toes.


In addition to being so realistic and life like, hand sculpted silicone covers are more durable and stronger.

High Definition Silicone experts

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An Affordable Range of Finishes to Suit Every Budget

How Do They Compare?


Unlike most off-the-shelf silicone covers and orthotics, with their unnatural look and cheap plastic feel. Our high-quality silicone covers and orthotics are individually created by hand, using different strengths of silicone to provide the perfect level of support and comfort.

  • Affordable solution, great as a secondary prosthesis
  • Nails, split toes and skin textures
  • Close colour match to skin tone, with over 100 plus skin colours to select from
  • Range of silicone strengths and thickness to provide support and comfort
  • Highly durable material
  • In-Person private consultation available


In addition to all the features of the Uniform, the Toned finish provides additional layers of colour to offer a more natural appearance.

  • Perfect for those looking for a cover that blends with their natural skin colouring
  • Enhanced detailing, great solution for limbs that are exposed such as arms and legs and for those special occasions or warmer months


The Reality offers the most realistic life like appearance to the most bespoke level of finish. Several days of extreme attention and passion goes into fabricating each silicone cover to the highest detail.

  • Perfect for those looking for the ultimate expression
  • Extensive anatomical analysis for precise sculpting
  • Natural creases, veins, freckles, moles and hair, are just some of the finer details available
  • Most accurate colour matching system
  • Translucent multi-layering for unparalleled detail
  • One of a kind covers fully customised to each individual

Got Questions?

Will nail polish remover harm the silicone?

Regular nail polish remover (with acetone) will not damage your silicone cover, but it will erode fingernails that are made from acrylic. However, you can use an acetone-free nail polish remover without any problems.

Will oil or grease harm the silicone?

Oil and grease can cause molecular breakdown of the silicone cover, so they should be avoided. If oil or grease comes into contact with the silicone cover, clean it as quickly as possible with soap and water.

Can the silicone cover be repaired if it is damaged, and if so, how much will it cost?

Although our silicone covers are true and tested, excessive localised stress can puncture or tear the surface. We advise that you inspect your silicone cover on a regular basis for signs of wear and damage. Most damage can be fully repaired by our technicians. Cost and results will vary based on the type/location of damage and amount of time required to fix it. Prices are very reasonable.

Will things like permanent marker wash off my silicone cover?

Generally speaking no. Because our silicone covers are made from pure high-grade silicone, they’re impervious to virtually any staining substances. In rare instances, where permanent ink is left on the silicone cover for a long time, a faint mark may remain even after cleaning with rubbing alcohol.

Will my silicone cover get dirty easily?

Just like your body, the silicone cover will get dirty with use. Fortunately, it is quite easy to clean! We recommend avoiding very dark denim, especially when new, and encourage our patients to periodically clean the protective cover with soap and water.

How do I clean and maintain my silicone cover?

Silicone covers can be wiped down with soap and water as needed. For tougher stains, alcohol and a kitchen scrubbing pad can be used. We recommended periodically cleaning your silicone skin to avoid letting dirt and stains sit on the surface for too long.

How long does a silicone cover typically last?

The life span of a silicone cover is about two to three years, although this can vary based on your typical usage and how well you care for and maintain the cover.

How much weight will a silicone cover add to my prosthesis?

We keep our silicone covers as lightweight as possible, however they also need to be strong; they typically add between 300 and 600 grams to a prosthesis.

Will a silicone cover hinder the function of my prosthesis in any way?

They will not hinder the function of your prosthesis, but silicone covers do add some weight. Above knee amputees may see a difference in the way their prosthetic knee performs, although this can be adjusted by a prosthetist to compensate.

I have an above knee amputation, will the silicone cover bend without tearing?

Yes, full-length silicone covers for above the knee amputees are specifically designed to flex with the prosthetic knee joint without tearing, slight creases will appear during flexion.

How do partial prosthetics like fingers and toes stay attached?

There are a number of methods used to attach partial prosthetics including suction and adhesives, most partial digits will stay on securely through suction.

Can I get the silicone cover wet?

Yes, water will not damage the cover. However, you should bear in mind that the cover will not protect any non-waterproof internal mechanisms that are part of your prosthesis from water damage.

Can I paint the nails on my cover?

Yes, you can definitely go get yourself a mani-pedi with your silicone cover! If the nails are made of acrylic just make sure that you use an acetone-free nail polish remover, as acetone will erode the acrylic nails on the cover. For nails made of silicone, nail polish remover with acetone can be used.

Clinic & Workshop

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Tel: 07399 494125

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Since the cost of producing a protective silicone cover varies so much, the easiest way to start the process is to send us a few details on what your needs are. We would be more than happy to look into your particular requirements and provide you with the best solution.

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Want a custom silicone cover for your next prosthesis? Our one-of-a-kind silicone covers are made by hand to provide a natural look to perfectly replicate your sound side. Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation.

How to Order

It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1 Consultation

Our consultant will discuss all your individual needs and answer any questions that you may have to provide a solution to best meet your requirements.
If you are happy to proceed, photographs and measurements will be taken along with a cast of both the sound and affected limb, the colour match process will also be undertaken

Step 2 Trial

At the Silicone Centre we give our clients the opportunity to trial the product (in clear silicone) as we feel it is important that you can experience what it’s like to wear the product and get accustomed to the feel and weight, but more importantly assess the comfort, support and fit.
Any modifications can be agreed at this stage to further enhance and perfect the product.

Step 3 Manufacture

Our highly skilled team of technicians will start to produce your bespoke cover.
All our products are individually created by hand, several days of extreme attention and passion goes into fabricating each silicone cover to the highest detail